ID Tabla is made out of cyanotype versions of passport style photos used throughout the immigration process the artist had to go complete to become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. The work also includes red ceramic chips to imply the immigration system's similarity with a gambling game of lottery.  
ID Quilt is a textile work made with cyanotype photographs of the immigration process of various immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, and China. It shows the fragmentation of identities carried by the people and their visual history of assimilation. 
Wedding dress is a white flag made out of cotton created by the beating of the artist's wedding dress into paper pulp. This white flag references defeat, as a symbol of the pressure of marrying young in order to obtain legal residency and later citizenship through spousal adjustment of status. The flag also aludes to the artist's assimilation to the United States, the flawed idea of homogeneous culture and the fragility of the American ethos. 
"El Rancho" is a large cyanotype composed of fragments of photographs from the home I was raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It reflects a fragmented and almost incomplete memory of a home, the landscape and a dream like impression of an image that isn't quite there. 
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