In this series of work titled Overwhelming Ground, I arrange information about my identity and the overwhelming  socio-political environment of 2020 in decorative geometric patterns and colorful fragments. Through this work I try to re-imagine an arrangement of cultural and historical phenomenon, and of information intake. The materials reflect the idea of cycles; cities that are perpetually in construction and deconstruction, in everyday life, the visual fragments appear together and apart, like the ideas of identity and culture. It is a practice of survival to try to find comfort in chaos and uncertainty, this work reflects me settling into a new world order.
Overwhelming Ground presents works made of paper pulp, some referencing North-American quilts, which were traditionally made with recycled fabric from old garments, forming decorative patterns that are intricate and geometric. In those works, created while at a residency at Casa Lu in Mexico City, I incorporate local flowers to invoke calico fabrics, newspaper clippings that show fragments of news about Mexican-American relations in politics and economy, appropriated wheat-paste artwork from the streets of Mexico as well as folk art. 
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