A Guide for Navigating Cultural Appropriation" is a self-published guide. This is the second printed run and a slightly different version than the first limited edition version. 
It has a cover printed with the risograph on color card stock and ivory pages printed in black and white with an inkjet, it is staple bound with pink staples. It is available for purchase for $5 plus shipping. If you live in Sacramento and would prefer to pick it up at Axis Gallery please email me and we can make arrangements. 
This guide was written edited, and printed by me as a product of numerous conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. It began as a project inspired by Adrian Piper's "Calling Cards"  as a way to avoid having to talk about the subject, but it morphed into an educational resource and a conversation starter. I made it "cute" as a way to engage the reader into a difficult conversation with an object that is more visually approachable.
"A Guide for Navigating Cultural Appropriation" is available to be purchased in bulk orders. Please email me if you would like to make an order of 20 or more.
"A Guide to Curating Culturally Diverse Exhibitions" is my second self-published zine. It was printed with the Verge Center for the Arts' Risograph, on caramel and ivory color card stock paper. It is ring bound with plastic. 
The guide walks people through some overarching ideas related to cultural diversity in art institutions like tokenism, education, and feedback. It has nine pages of content. The cover is a photograph authored by me. 

Both guides have been sold out. 
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