Vessel and Fountain
The artist performs the function of being an incubator, a vessel and a fountain as a way to portray the feminine condition in this patriarchal society. The sensual, confrontational and unapologetic is also played as a form of approaching the line that divides performance art and pornography, a line that has cross-over characteristics and intentions. This is an excerpt from a 30 minute performance where the artists holds an egg inside of her mouth until she crushes it and lets it pour into a bowl. 

The performance is both an act of self-degradation and an act of political resistance. It was a reaction to both the recent presidential election and Fidel Castro's death on black Friday. Doug Loree described it as “The prized assimilation that the political right and overly nationalistic value so highly is being expressed as it's true consumptive form through literal sugar coating.” 

La Bruja y el Agua 
The artist plays the role of a witch who takes power by appropriating water from local sources. This is a symbolic gesture of protest to the systematic appropriation of resources by white corporate america. The complications of water politics in California are specifically relevant in recent years due to the drought, the construction of the Delta tunnels, and now due to the threatening of conservation of resources by the Trump Administration’s denial of climate change. Unfortunately the minorities and marginalized communities that are directly affected by policy often lack access to the information and political power to protect their rights to natural resources. In the middle of winter, the Bruja goes out to the lake to take water and put it into her barrel, the only tool she possesses to take water are her own hands so the process of appropriation is slow and tedious. The performance it ends with the witch disappearing into her barrel, which she is now unable to carry away to make use of her water.

The Wolf Disguises Herself as a White Sheep
The artist explores the role of being light skin and white passing while also contemplating the threat minorities pose to white supremacists. 

Un Pinche Taco de Frida
This performance is about the artist's rejection of the iconographic symbol that Frida Kahlo as identity signifier of a Mexican artist and the image of the taco as another stereotypes of “mexicanity.” 

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