I am a Mexican multimedia artist based in Northern California. I obtained a Bachelor of Art in Studio Arts and Minor in Art History from University of California Davis. 
I use my artwork to raise questions about power structures and explore cultural identity through narrative and symbolism. I invite the viewer to consider and empathize with the struggle of navigating the immigration system, the process of assimilating to American culture, and the nuances of having an identity that is continuously shaped by capitalism, neocolonialism, and politics. 
The exploration of artistic materials is an essential part of how I express personal experiences in relation to power structures and status. I employ multiple media, including construction materials, textiles, performance, video, photography and ceramics to create my work. Ceramic is central to my practice; I mold and manipulate clay to explore tactile sensations and think about the connections between my body, labor, and the world around me.
My work has been exhibited at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Torrance Art Museum, Southern Exposure, Gearbox Gallery, the Museum of Northern California of Chico, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Beacon Project Sacramento, SOMArts South of Market Cultural Center, The Latino Center of Art and Culture of Sacramento. I am a member of Axis Gallery and work as an arts educator at Verge Center for the Arts, a contemporary art non-profit. I have curated visual arts content for Placeholder Magazine and Axis Gallery and has been a recipient of the Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Young Space Grant, the Hopkins Endowment for Studio Art Students, the Crocker Kingsley Art Award, and the Herb Alpert Scholarship for Emerging Young Artists among others.
Contact: aidalizaldeart@gmail.com
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