Muros is a series of works made of paper pulp, some referencing North American quilts, which were traditionally made with recycled fabric from old garments, forming intricate and geometric decorative patterns. In those works, created while at a residency at Casa Lü in Mexico City, I incorporated local flowers to invoke calico fabrics, newspaper clippings that show fragments of news about Mexican-American relations in politics and economy, appropriated wheatpaste artwork from the streets of Mexico as well as folk art. 
Images 19-21 show an artwork titled Fragmentos II which includes debris from my grandfather’s ranch, a bull-fighting stadium, a piece of the wall in Leon Trotsky’s home in Mexico City, and a rock from Casa Lu to represent where I am situated in time, place, and ideological background.
The last four images are of a work titled Escombros inspired by the cyclical identity of Mexico City perpetually being constructed and destroyed where prehispanic, colonial, and contemporary buildings inhabit the same space and carry almost equal cultural value.

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