This installation titled Maquinas de Lolita Panza is a machine or system and grid of stomachs consuming themselves and each other and being consumed by their environment of sugar, milk, wheat flour, and vinegar.
Image ten is a detail of a glass container that has a bean that I fed pro-biotics and water for about a month and which grew mold. This specimen has been incorporated into a porous stomach made of beeswax which lies in a bed of sugar, connected to another beeswax stomach through a walnut-dyed stick. 
Images fifteen and sixteen are four ceramic stomachs filled with milk, which then vinegar was added to turn the milk into cheese which then started crusting and molding as the installation remained. 
Medium: Unfired Clay, Beeswax, Natural Rubber hose, flour, sugar, vinegar, milk, cheese, mold, wood, beans, baskets, avocado-dyed cotton rope, etc.
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